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Amon & Christina

This Course Includes:

  • 4+ hours of on-demand video

    Absolutely NO boring PowerPoints. Instead, we talk to you face-to-face (like our YouTube videos) and we even show you around Portugal as we discuss some of the different aspects about moving and living in Portugal. Our goal is to keep you engaged the entire time.

  • Your own Relocation Plan

    In this course, we'll share our own relocation plan and provide you with a template plan for you to download and fill out, so that you can create your own relocation plan, too!

  • Special resources

    Our resources include a visa process checklist; a list of healthcare insurance providers; a list of private schools and language schools; real estate research resources; our budget in Portugal and a budget template for you to use; and many more resources to help you relocate and settle in Portugal.

Watch Intro Video

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What You'll Learn:

This course consists of more than four hours of video instruction, more than thirty resources, and a downloadable relocation plan for you to fill out and follow based on the information you learn from the course.

The video instruction is broken into more than ten different modules.  Each module focuses on a different aspect of moving or living in Portugal.

We begin the course with an introduction on our move to Portugal. We also discuss the country of Portugal - including culture, social etiquette, and things to keep in mind when moving and living in Portugal.  We then discuss the details of relocating to Portugal, including how to move household goods, vaccinations and health requirements, moving with pets, and more. 

Probably the biggest source of anxiety when moving to Portugal is the visa process.  We have an entire section in the course that we carve out to talk in detail about applying for visas.  We talk about our own personal experience and we walk you through every step that we took to obtain visa permits for our family of four - including some quirky rules that we had to follow.  We also talk about how to obtain a residency permit (like we did); the different types of residency visas and requirements, including the Golden Visa; and we also talk about work permits and employment-based visas.   

Living in Portugal, we get a ton of questions about taxes.  Because of this, we have a special section in the course where we discuss taxes in Portugal. We give you an overview of the tax system here in Portugal; we discuss the tax incentives for foreigners; we discuss the types of taxes and rates that foreigners need to pay in Portugal; we talk about tax requirements for U.S. citizens and how taxes in the U.S. and Portugal work; and we talk about Portugal’s Non-Habitual Resident (NHR) tax regime and how we applied for NHR status to enjoy tax breaks in Portugal.  

We designed our course to be very comprehensive, so our course also includes information on how to obtain a NIF, the process of buying a house in Portugal, the process of renting a place in Portugal and setting up utilities, how to find good healthcare, how to set up banking and transfers in Portugal, how to enroll your kids in school in Portugal and information on the various types of schools in Portugal, how to buy a car in Portugal, how to bring your pets to Portugal, and more.  

At the end of the course, we put everything together so that you can take action in applying for your visa, prepping for your move to Portugal, and (ultimately) setting up your life here in Portugal.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Module 1 - Introduction & Overview

    • Welcome!

    • Download Your Moving to Portugal Plan!

    • Access the Private Facebook Group

  • 2

    Module 2 - Why Portugal

    • Quick Facts

    • Culture

  • 3

    Module 3 - Relocating to Portugal

    • Buying Household Goods in Portugal

    • Shipping Household Goods

    • Vaccinations

    • References, Resources & Links

  • 4

    Module 4 - Visas & Residence Permits

    • Types of Visas

    • Why You Need a Visa

    • Fixed Residency – What to Do Prior to Applying

    • Fixed Residency Visa Application Process

    • Residence Permit (Following a Residency Visa Approval)

    • Permanent Residence in Portugal

    • Golden Visa

    • Work Visas

    • References, Resources & Links

  • 5

    Module 5 - Obtaining a NIF

    • NIFs (Why You Need One AND How to Get One)

    • References, Resources & Links

  • 6

    Module 6 - Housing

    • Short-Term Rentals

    • Long-Term Leases

    • Buying a Home - General Information

    • Tips for Buying a Good Home

    • Obtaining a Bank Mortgage

    • House Buying Team – Important Players

    • Promissory Contract & Transaction Costs

    • Closing Day – Final Steps

    • Utilities

    • References, Resources & Links

  • 7

    Module 7 - Healthcare

    • How to Get Public and Private Health Insurance and Our Costs for Healthcare

    • See Our Actual Health Insurance Plan in Portugal PLUS Other References, Resources & Links

  • 8

    Module 8 - Banking in Portugal

    • Why You Should Open a Portuguese Account

    • What To Look For In a Portuguese Bank

    • Opening an Account

    • Transferring Money to Portugal – Things to Consider

    • Common Ways to Transfer Money to Portugal

    • References, Resources & Links

  • 9

    Module 9 - Taxes in Portugal

    • Tax Resident Defined

    • Types of Taxes in Portugal

    • Non-Habitual Resident (NHR)

    • Tax Filing Requirement for U.S. Citizens

    • References, Resources & Links

  • 10

    Module 10 - Education

    • Portuguese Schools – General Information & Overview

    • Public Schools (Nursery to High School)

    • Private Schools (Nursery to High School)

    • Learning the Language

    • List of Over 20 International Schools In Portugal and Their Costs PLUS Other References, Resources & Links

  • 11

    Module 11 - Transportation

    • Driving in Portugal

    • Purchasing a Car & Car Rentals

    • Public Transportation & Rideshares

    • References, Resources & Links

  • 12

    Module 12 - Pets

    • Moving with Pets and Finding Pets in Portugal

    • References, Resources & Links

  • 13

    Module 13 - Working in Portugal

    • Working in Portugal

    • References, Resources & Links

  • 14

    Module 14 - Closing Module

    • Course Complete - Our Message to You

  • 15

    BONUS: Download Our Actual Budget for Lisbon

    • Our Budget for Lisbon (Based on Our Actual Cost of Living)

  • 16

    BONUS - Portugal Speakers Series

    • Real Estate Attorney Live Q&A

    • Healthcare from Portuguese Doctor Live Q&A

Meet Your Instructors

Hello!  We’re Amon & Christina (your instructors) and those two young ladies are our daughters (not your instructors)!

We’re U.S. citizens that moved to Portugal in August 2019 . . . and we made the move all by ourselves!  We didn’t hire expensive lawyers or pay for the services of an immigration firm. Instead, we researched every aspect of moving to Lisbon - and we saved a ton of money in the process.

We applied for visas in San Francisco, California; we moved our family of four to Lisbon and obtained our residence permits here in Lisbon; we obtained housing; we set up our utilities; we enrolled our girls in school here in Lisbon; we did so many things . . . and now we’re sharing everything we learned with you!

If you’re interested in learning about how to move to Portugal - this is the course for you!

Portugal consistently ranks in the top 10 friendliest countries towards foreign residents.

-  Expat Insider Survey

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this course for?

This course is for anyone that needs to obtain a visa and/or resident permit to live in Portugal for more than three months. This includes U.S. citizens and other foreign citizens that are not subject to terms of the Schengen Agreement.  

Do you offer refunds?

Due to the instant delivery of the course content, we do not offer refunds.  If you have any questions about the course, please reach out to us to get your questions answered before you decide to sign up for the class. 

Will I need to pay a relocation company/immigration firm to help me move to Portugal if I take this course?

We made our move to Portugal by ourselves.  We designed this course to give you insight into everything that we did to help you with your move.  With that said, we are not Portuguese lawyers or immigration specialists. Depending on each student’s level of comfortability, despite taking the course, some people may still want to hire a professional. At the same time, some people may choose to DIY the move like we did.  It all depends on the individual. 

How is the course presented?

The course is presented in a pe-recorded video format.  We talk one-on-one with you, similar to how we present in our Youtube videos.  As we present in the videos, we also highlight some of the different areas in Portugal to give you a sense of the moving process and living accommodations in Portugal. The idea is to keep you engaged throughout the course.  We want you to be excited about your move to Portugal!

Does the course come with one-on-one consultations?

The course is designed for you to learn at your own pace.  Because the videos are pre-recorded, we are not presenting the course in a live format.  Because of this, one-on-one consultations are not provided with the course.  

What will I get with the course?

The course includes more than four hours of video instruction, more than thirty resources, and a downloadable relocation plan. 


Please note that we are not Portuguese lawyers, accountants, or immigration specialists. The information provided in our course is based only on our own personal experience and research. Each person that moves to Portugal may have his/her own experience and may have different results, so the information in this course is provided as an explanation of our experience only. This course provides no guarantees, including but not limited to: 1) that your visa application will be approved; 2) that your residence permit will be approved; 3) that your NHR status will be approved; and 4) that you will not require help from a qualified professional. For definitive information about moving and living in Portugal, you should always consult the proper Portuguese authorities.